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Ben Maitland-Lewis

30, CEO/Founding Alchemist,, Founder, Pretty Instant

“For a guy like me, running two start ups, constantly on the go and juggling a thousand different creative projects at once, AeroLife Energy is perfect. It’s compact, I keep it in my pocket, and take as little or as much as I want – exactly when I need it.”

  • Today, or should I say tonight, is going to be awesome.

    I’m music supervising the Boston Tech Jam so I run down to the Innovation District in Boston’s Seaport neighborhood to meet the stage, sound and lighting crews. The city is quiet…for now.

  • I’m blasting through a bunch of last minute details,

    making sure nothing is overlooked. I don’t sleep much and 18-hour days are more the rule than the exception, so this feels just right.

  • I’m back at the office prepping before my staff show up.

    I like to make sure we can hit the day hard and be as productive and creative as possible. Early mornings are a good time to get some alone time to gather my thoughts.

  • First thing is to chat with senior management to get all of our worlds aligned,

    starting with a meeting with my co-founder of, Chris Cave. From there it’s usually a strategy session with Pretty Instant accounts manager, Marty Nee, a pow-wow with Erica Derrickson of the Hollywood East Actors Group, and then we’re off to the races.

  • My team moves at the speed of light,

    so I make the rounds ensuring everyone is feeling motivated, their Nerf guns are loaded, and that we’re all sharing in the same collective vision and pushing for the same goal.

  • A quick bite.

    Just make sure it’s spicy!

  • I’ve burned through a mountain of mental calories all morning,

    now I just need some water and an AeroLife Energy to push me through to the end. It also saves me a ton on coffee.

  • As some of the in-house team starts to wind down their day,

    some of us are getting geared up for round 2! I jet back down to the BostonTechJam to MC and get the live bands started.

  • 1 band down, 4 to go.

    Juggling sponsor shoutouts and stage changes but things are running smooth. My team is manning the booth and we’re getting ready to take it to the next level.

  • Time to deploy my epic Pretty Instant social photography field team around the festival,

    engaging festival-goers and instantly branding & sharing the experience live online.

  • The team is on the loose,

    snapping photos, engaging, interacting and helping all these amazing brands uniquely communicate and add a great human element to the experience.

  • The photos are getting pushed in real time to all the partners’ booths.

    They look amazing. Everyone is psyched and sharing them online using the correct hashtags. #Win

  • 4 bands down… 1 to go.

    I’m live tweeting the close of the event, making sure we captured as much media as possible and end on time.

  • ...and that’s a wrap!

    We start packing up, thanking our vendors, saying goodbyes, and making sure everyone is acknowledged for their hard work and are feeling appreciated.

  • En route back from the festival,

    heading to the office. Feeling good. Fading a little, but I have a few client delivery details to take care of and some last minute emails, so I rock a quick draw from an AeroLife Energy to keep me focused and put “Art of Flight” up on the big screen to remind me what it takes to make it happen. Big day today… Tomorrow’s even bigger.


You, my friend, always give life 110% and you want to make sure that whatever you are doing, you are applying your best self. So then, why are you still drinking your energy?

AeroLife™ Energy is an air-based shot of smart energy. It delivers a unique powdered blend of 100mg of caffeine, equivalent to a large cup of coffee, plus B vitamins, that starts working right away to strengthen mental focus—anytime, anyplace.

  • Strengthens mental focus
  • Zero calories, zero sugars, zero liquids
  • Works. Fast. Anywhere.
  • 100mg caffeine ≈ 1 cup of coffee
  • 100% DV of B vitamins per serving
  • Natural flavors: Mint, Watermelon, Raspberry, Lime, and Green Apple

FLAVORS: Mint, Watermelon, and Raspberry

Supplement Facts


Getting sick is never any fun.  Your body is usually pretty good at fighting off all the nastiness that’s out there, but why not give it a little bit of air-based support.

AeroLife™ Immunity is smart immunity delivering a unique powdered blend of essential nutrients including Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. So play the defensive strategy and stay on top of your game.

  • Essential nutrients for well-being
  • Supports healthy Immune system
  • Zero calories, zero sugars, zero liquids
  • Works anywhere
  • 100% DV of vitamin C

FLAVORS: Natural Tropical Citrus

Supplement Facts

Trevor Bowman

28, Music Video Director and Photographer, Productions

“My work can be categorized into two types of days. Day 1 is GO, GO, GO on the set where you need to keep your mind sharp to solve problems and maintain the integrity of the creative vision. With editing, it’s SIT, SIT, SIT so I need something to help me boost my thinking and stay precise for the best possible execution. AeroLife Energy works great in both those scenes.”

  • Band shoot day in New Jersey.

    I’m up at the crack of dawn to make sure everything is ready. First things first, I take a few draws of AeroLife Energy to kickstart my day.

  • Now I’m on set and we are prepping like crazy.

    Time is of the essence so I’ll finish off my first AeroLife Energy.

  • We are in the final prep stages before cameras start rolling.

    Thousands of details and questions, both creatively and logistically are running through my mind a mile a minute. Damn, is this shot right? What’s this person doing? How are we on time? Will we get everything we need? Staying sharp and on point helps me avoid the realization that “Oh my God…this is stressful!!!”

  • Live performance band shoot is moving.

    Everything is rocking and feels good. Band looks and sounds great. Can’t wait to see this footage.

  • Time for a quick lunch break,

    but I can’t be weighed down, so I eat light and stay nimble. Part 1 of the day is over. No rest for the wicked.

  • Now its time for Part 2 of the shoot.

    The narrative, the story, the beauty. We pack up, hop in the car and drive back to RI to the next location.

  • Need a little boost to get prepped to start shooting again.

    Time for a few more draws of AeroLife Energy to get me in the zone. And….action!

  • Sunlight is fading.

    Kiss of death. Time to grab those last few shots we need. Let’s milk this shoot for everything we’ve got.

  • Sun’s down.

    But my job’s not done. I’ll take the last few draws off my AeroLife Energy to help me focus and plan for what’s next. Time to check the storyboard. What’d we miss? Is everything packed up securely? Did we back up all the footage?

  • That’s a wrap.

    Awesome. I should just get my gear together and go home. Can’t wait to clean up and get into bed. But a productive day deserves a little bit of celebration. Time to keep the crew happy. So, I soldier up and take everyone out.


You want to play at the top of your game. Sometimes right at that point of sweat, you could use a little boost, precisely when it matters most. AeroLifeSport is a unique powdered blend of caffeine plus electrolytes that provides energy and essential electrolytes to help you refuel and recharge – anytime, anyplace. Go on and find your better gear.

  • With essential electrolytes
  • Energy for sports
  • Zero calories, zero sugars, zero liquids
  • 50mg of caffeine per AeroPod
  • Recharge, refuel, repeat

FLAVORS: Mint Lemon Lime

Supplement Facts

Steven Devakow

50, Aircraft Technician and Aerobatic Enthusiast

When I’m flying I have to carefully mind all the details and be absolutely mentally focused.  So AeroLife Energy is just perfect. It completely works and it’s an all environment product. There’s nowhere I can’t do one. Even when I’m upside down pushing negative G’s in an Immelmann turn.”

  • Flight day so it's an early start.

    I don’t want to slow down with a big breakfast, but I need my nutrition so I pop my multivit, an isomer E, C and fish oil.

  • Before preflight inspection I take my first AeroLife Energy.

    I need to be totally on to make sure everything is in place.

  • Wheels are up and we are off.

    My captain lets go of the stick and I’m flying. You can’t even try to describe this feeling.

  • We need to warm up the aircraft,

    so we fly 100 miles over the glades to Okeechobee to grab some breakfast.

  • Now we are back over the glades and practicing.

    I start slow just doing a bunch of loops. I love being inverted!

  • Time for another AeroLife Energy.

    I can’t bring any liquid in the aircraft and I definitely don’t want a cup of coffee in my hand when I’m upside down doing a split S.

  • A few more loops, hammerheads,

    a split s and then I’m pushing negative G’s in an Immelmann turn.

  • I’m working on nailing the reverse half Cuban eight.

    This one’s a bit tricky.

  • We break through the clouds and I stay focused.

    We are in non-controlled airspace and I’ve got to be hyper alert for whatever comes our way. Ongoing traffic, birds, and a careful eye on the weather.

  • Time for landing.

    I set the flaps, put the landing gear down, watch my speed. My glide slope is good. This should be a breeze.

  • We taxi to the fuel farm and then start cleaning the aircraft,

    doing post flight check and a meticulous walk-around, Gear, engine, instruments. Nothing goes unchecked.

  • We push our pristine Focke-Wulf 149D back into the hangar.

    This plane is impeccable and a real beauty. You could eat off it.

  • Time to go and grab some food.

    We think about the day, how we felt during flight. Was everything good. Anything strange? And no matter what, the conversation always comes back to flying.

  • Go home to recharge

    to fly another day.


Life seems to run 24×7 these days, which doesn’t leave much time to allow our bodies the time they need to relax, slow down, and sleep. When you do have the chance to rest, you need to help your body make the most of it.

AeroLife™ Sleep delivers a unique powdered blend of melatonin, 5HTP and magnesium citrate to your mouth through the air. Fall asleep faster so you can wake up refreshed, feeling great and ready to take on the day.

  • For occasional sleeplessness
  • Fall asleep faster so you can wake up refreshed
  • Works. Fast. Anywhere
  • Melatonin, 5Htp, magnesium citrate
  • Natural vanilla flavor

FLAVORS: Natural Vanilla

Supplement Facts

AeroDesigns’ unique AeroNutrition delivery systems provide up to a few hundred milligrams of nutrition for functional benefit and culinary pleasure by simply drawing air through the lips. Tiny solid and liquid particles full of nutrition follow the air into the mouth and land on the tongue to give immediate taste and quick nutrient delivery to the body. Devices deflect particles perpendicular to the axis of the throat, toward the tongue and sides of the mouth where they are swallowed. Additionally, particles are specially engineered to be small enough to travel though the air, but too large to enter the lungs.


Elixir of Life. Cup of Ambition. Whatever you call it, it’s an integral part of our daily routine. Don’t get us wrong. We love a delicious cuppa as much as the next barista. But once we put it through the AeroLife filter, it became coffee as you’ve never experienced it before.

AeroLife Coffee delivers an air-based boost of delicious, premium coffee with no liquids, no mess, and no calories. Pure, exquisite coffee flavor that conveniently goes wherever life takes you. Don’t forget to take your senses along on this little unexpected journey.

  • Premium Colombian coffee
  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Anytime, anywhere indulgence
  • Zero calories, zero sugars, zero liquids
  • 80mg caffeine per AeroPod ≈ 1 cup of coffee


Supplement Facts


Here’s a selection of smart nutrition custom designed for all you modern day road warriors out there.  In this travel ready pack you get a recyclable mouthpiece and three AeroPods with delicious and unique powdered blends of our immunity, sleep aid and energy boosts.  Whether it’s a plane, train or automobile, AeroLife is a truly revolutionary way to help you be well, be rested, and be on.

  • Immunity: Supports healthy immune system
  • Sleep: Fall asleep faster so you can wake up refreshed
  • Energy: Strengthens mental focus
  • Zero calories, zero sugars, zero liquids
  • Works anywhere

FLAVORS: Mint Energy, Tropical Citrus Immunity, Natural Vanilla Sleep

Supplement Facts

Robin Asbury

47, Director and Head Coach,
Go3 Endurance Coaching, Ironman World Champion, 70.3 World Champion, USAT All American, Wattie Ink Elite Team Member

“Thank you AeroLife Energy for helping keep me stay fast and alert during my long course races. It gives me the jet fuel that I need, right when I need it, without the stomach issues from a caffeinated gel or the awkwardness of carrying a drink or a shot. I have been lucky to make the podium in Full and Half Ironman races. Thanks to my training and my nutrition, including AeroLife, I get the sustained energy I need to stay in front of the competition.”

  • It's race day.

    I wake up before the sun, have a quick stretch and kickstart my day with an egg and a bagel with peanut butter.

  • I get my gear and my head together and walk down to T1,

    the first transition. I’m checking my bike, securing my waterbottles I froze the night before and filling up my bento box with the fuel I’ll need on the bike. I always make sure I’ve got an AeroLife in there for the ride.

  • The swim is about to start.

    It's cold, so I stay moving to keep warm. I’m going through the course in my head, working on controlling my breathing and visualizing the events of the day.

  • Out of the water.

    Strong current, but I’m smiling because I'm out of the river. I need a fast transition, so I run into T1, find my bike, strap on my helmet, shoes, clip in and off I go. Time for a 112-mile-ride through the rolling hills of Kentucky.

  • I found my rhythm,

    staying within my heart rate and power zones and trying to stay cool in the 95 degree sun. I’m focusing on my surroundings, who's ahead and who is behind. Where I am in the race.

  • Still on the bike and embracing the highs and lows.

    I reach into my bento box and grab an AeroLife Energy to help get me to the next transition without loosing the momentum this late on the bike.

  • I roll into T2.

    Trying to have another smooth transition. Off goes the helmet and the bike shoes, on go running shoes. And off I go. Trying to find the legs that feel like I left on the bike. A couple of miles into the run they are back. Time to finish this 26.2 mile run. This is what I signed up for and have spent a year preparing for. Time to put it all together.

  • I’m feeling pretty good,

    but I need a boost so I use the AeroLife Energy I slipped into my pocket during my last transition. The AeroLife is quick and light and no sugar crash. I love how portable it is. I'm watching other runners fiddle with unwrapping the plastic from a 5 hour energy drink and spilling sticky liquid ll over themselves. as I pass some of them, I'm wondering how long will they have to carry out that sticky trash?

  • I’m in my zone.

    Digging deep, calling on mantras for inspiration. I'm reminding myself of the friends and family who have supported me and the sacrifices made to get to this point.

  • I think about all the people who can’t be there,

    but are running with me in spirit. I look down at my hands and see the faded sharpie. I wrote my children's names on my palms at 4:00 this morning.

  • I cross the finish line.

    My daughter is there to physically and emotionally catch me. The smile is forever. I’m overwhelmed, exhausted but elated. We are both ready for that cheeseburger and chocolate shake!

Jason Friese
AKA DJ Jay Free

34, Medical Sales Director and DJ

“AeroLife just plain works and helps me live my very own double life.  During the day, I’m Jason Friese, father, husband, medical sales manager.  When night rolls around, I’m DJ Jay Free, spinning EDM, old school hip-hop, and the hottest dance tracks all over the East Coast.”

  • Time to wake up, get the kids up, fed and dressed.

    I drop the kids off around 7:30.

  • I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life

    and I don’t like to drink any of that other crap, so on my way to work, I take an AeroLife Energy to get the day going.

  • I’m on the phone with a customer,

    meeting with my team learning about the ins and outs of an innovative new product.

  • Time to grab some lunch.

    With the pace of my hectic days, I try to live a healthy life. I eat a well-balanced Paleo diet. Low carbs, no bread, tons of good protein and veggies.

  • Now I’m back in the saddle and swing of things

    helping out my customers, solving problems and staying productive.

  • Family is the most important thing in my life,

    so I leave the office a little early to make sure I can get home for a family dinner.

  • I give my kids a bath,

    a little story time then get them down for bed.

  • Never underestimate

    the power of a well-timed disco nap.

  • I wake up,

    stretch and check the laptop and my gig bag. I have to make sure I got my latest cuts and the guaranteed bangers. Those are the tools of my trade.

  • I have to be sharp and amped to perform,

    especially after a busy day, so on the way to my gig I pop an AeroLife Energy.

  • Now it's time to start my set and crank the volume.

    I need to kick things off on the good foot, so I usually warm everybody up with some old school R&B and hip-hop.

  • Time to share the AeroLife love.

    I always make sure I have five or six AeroLife Energys in my DJ bag. I love introducing them to the club managers and sound guys.

  • The club is packed and hopping

    and I love how the music is the fuel. It's always fun to drop some uptempo remixes and just watch people go absolutely crazy.

Dr. Kirk Shelley

58, Professor of Anesthesiology/Division Chief of Ambulatory Anesthesia, Yale University

“The word ‘vigilance’ is the motto on the seal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists. It’s absolutely critical that I, as an anesthesiologist, am mentally alert so I can precisely watch, monitor and maintain vital life functions moment to moment.  AeroLife Energy helps me ensure the safety of my patients and assure that they are getting the best care possible.”

  • My day starts early

    and I usually greet the day with a cup of regular coffee. Something warm and soothing to get the day going.

  • I head into the OR.

    About half of my time is spent interviewing, educating and reassuring patients that they have the best anesthesiologist looking out for them. They need to know that they will do well and go home fine.

  • In addition to my two principal OR’s,

    I also oversee eight other operating rooms. So by 7:30, ten operating rooms with ten patients are ready to start.

  • I’m the safety net,

    the problem solver and the “Attendings’ Attending”. This means I’m constantly on the move, monitoring the ten ORs and ensuring my patients and staff are problem free.

  • Now, I get my first break.

    The first push is over and my energy is starting to wane. It’s the time I normally take my first AeroLife Energy. Being in and out of the ORs a lot, I can’t fill up with coffee. There will be no bathroom breaks, so AeroLife fits into my day perfectly.

  • As a part of the Yale faculty and its teaching hospital,

    it’s my job to challenge, educate and inspire. I hand out an Article of the Day. An article chosen to teach residents and to keep my team educated and informed. We all constantly hone our skills.

  • It is a rare day that I actually get a lunch break,

    often eating a bit between cases, although I try to ensure that everyone else does get a break.

  • I use my second AeroLife Energy.

    In surgery the beginning and ending of each case is the busiest time. The middle should be benign. AeroLife Energy becomes a great tool to maintain my alertness throughout the cases.

  • Now it’s time to again make sure that cases are running smoothly in all 10 OR’s.

    I walk an average of 3.5 miles a day, constantly in and out of the operating rooms.

  • The procedures are starting to wind down

    and we begin closing down the operating rooms.

  • Most of the surgeries are now over

    and so my day is nearing its end. My patients are happy and doing well, my team has performed tremendously and I can relax.